Lighting can truly impact the look of a space. You can have a beautifully designed room, but with little or poor lighting, the room won’t be captivated the way it really should. How you feel in a room can also be affected by the type of lighting – if it is too dimly lit, you can easily not feel as engaged as brighter lightening would make you feel.

Whether it’s designing a new space or updating an existing one, lighting is one of my favorite elements for bringing a look together. You can opt for statement making desk lamp for large areas like living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens if you choose, and really showcase your style. And even the smallest of spaces like bathrooms and hallways can easily be elevated to a brighter look with a new light fixture in place. 

With so many rooms in a home, it’s good to have a list of stylish light shopping sources to help you tackle each and every one.  These are 6 of my favorites…

1.Oo Smooth Table Lamp 2.Atollo Metal Table Lamp 3.Snoopy Table Lamp 4.Revolve Table Lamp 5.JUBE Table Lamp 6.Shogun Table Lamp