After months of ogling wood boards and drywall returns, when we finally got to choose light fixtures for our house, things got really fun! The lighting alone in a house can totally change the design direction and I think it’s one of the easiest ways to give a room and major boost. I think  switching out light fixtures can be intimidating because, you know, electricity and wires, but it’s actually so much easier than you would think and a pretty inexpensive job for an electrician or handyman. Whether you’re choosing a statement Wall light over  a on the wall table or smaller wall lamp for a bar area or bathroom, there are so many great pieces to choose from!  My only piece of advice would be, don’t play it safe! Get a light that you absolutely LOVE and that can really set the tone for a room. Keep reading for the full round up and 22 of the best wall lights on the planet… in my humble opining 😉

Almost Essence Wall

Medal Wall Lamp

Circ LED Wall Sconce

Vertical Globe Wall Lamp

French Fries Glass Wall Lamp

Ruying Picture Wall Lamp

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Well, see you next time, hope you have a great weekend!