The latest creative crystal lamps are unique.

This draws inspiration from the decorative lighting from the early 20th century. This striking design is sleek yet exquisitely detailed. Crafted from either nickel or antique brass, each stem is finished with clear-cut crystal glass that resembles modern flower designs.

The precise dimensions and angles of each piece diffuse and reflect light around the room creating a welcoming ambiance. Position above a dining table for a luxe look that makes a statement. Or place center-stage in a living room to create a cool vintage vibe that has endless designer appeal.

Modern and contemporary lighting comes to life in this sophisticated and unique design. The perfect sparkle crystal chandelier is the perfect complement to any modern decor through its sophisticated and incredibly captivating design. Modern and elegant, this E14 crystal chandelier will instantly enhance your space. Add elegance to your home while creating an irresistible ambience.

Unique sparkling diamond design with golden finish makes this chandelier more modern and stylish. The modern design brings an elegant and chic vibe to your room. Great lighting effects give your room a classic and charming vibe. While we recommend this pendant light for a dining room or bar, foyer or hall or living room, we believe it will excel anywhere.

This personalised staircase crystal square pendant light comes in crystal and polished aluminium. Bold and artistic, the vertical pendant makes a striking focal point in any modern or eclectic space. A series of steel, open-frame cubes in varying lengths suspended from braided black ropes give you the perfect light body face. Inheriting tradition, producing rare and enduring innovations that make history.

A very beautiful crystal chandelier with a modern design that brings an elegant and chic vibe to your room. Excellent lighting effects give your room a classic and charming ambience. Makes it ideal for a living room or dining room.

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