If you’re not ready for winter, bring some pumpkin spice into your home with a ginkgo chandelier that’s sure to make you feel like fall is here to stay for a while. I might deny the weather, but these pendants are sure to bring cozy warmth year-round.

This ceramic ginkgo tree petal chandelier shows its luxurious style in overall design, material, and manufacturing technology. The brass lamp body is covered with exquisite ceramic petals, which reflects the perfect combination of lighting design and natural plants.

Contemporary and naturally-inspired, it goes much further than its functional purpose of lighting a space. Rather, it creates a natural symbiosis between the environment it inhabits, the rhythm of light and shade, and the emotion it both reflects and creates. Like a living plant, it has a natural, dynamic energy that both calms and revitalizes us, the interplay between ceramic and light creating a sense of wellbeing and warmth.

1.Gingko Chandelier R || 2.Gingko Chandelier G || 3.Gingko Chandelier E