6 Stylish LED Wall Lights

A veritable glowing sculpture, the Moonlight Edge LED Wall Sconce provides stunningly unique visuals as it toys with soft lights against sharp edged shadows. Beneath the staggered rectangular pieces that make up the fixture, an integrated LED light emits a soft glow against the wall its placed against, creating an altogether unique sight. Any modern setting would be better for housing this delightfully strange fixture, be it mounted in a hallway, bedroom, or living room.

Enhance your home décor with the clean lines and flawless functionality of the Velo Wall Sconce from Moonlight. Ideal for contemporary or minimalist design layouts that prize an elegant simplicity, its smooth plaster exterior sweeps out from a wall mount in an extended oval shape, using its opaque material to channel the bright and energy-efficient LED lamping inside into a vertical wall wash. This daring dual projection displays a warm and wide-reaching pattern, casting an even layer of light that brings its surroundings into gentle relief.

Sleek, versatile, and ultra-minimal in concept. The Edge Reader LED Wall lamp by Moonlight delivers ample amounts of warm, energy-efficient lighting to contemporary living spaces while occupying as little room (and attention as possible). The piece earns its namesake through the task it may be most beneficial in, allowing the piece a suitable placement in areas like home offices, living rooms, and bedrooms. The wall sconce is built from a metallic and mild steel material, enabling the fixture’s versatility where it can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Minimalist and elegant, the Pienza Wall Sconce by Moonlight is the perfect addition to accentuate any living space that requires just a little something extra. Vertically mounted, the smooth, square design draws attention to itself, yet the indirect top and down light ensures the Pienza Wall Sconce is easy on the eyes. Placement can be at any height on the wall, illuminating the perfect table piece or as a guide down a softly brightened hallway.

Moonlight’s Edge Square Switch Wall Light makes it easy to use directional light. Short arm supports cylindrical metal head with hidden joint, adjustable. Ideal as a reading bedside lamp, it can also be mounted in the ceiling as a directional flush. Its simple design suits a variety of interior decorating styles, giving it the required adaptability.

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