A trend that continues to be popular in bedrooms is the addition of bedside lighting in the form of wall sconces. One of the biggest benefits of this lighting option is how it saves space for a nightstand, perfect for small bedrooms where space is already limited. With a wide variety of styles, you can find the perfect wall sconce to suit your decor and function – I especially like the swing arm option for the bedroom as it’s the perfect way to redirect the light for reading on the bed.

And you’re not limited to using sconces alone – if space allows, you can pair sconces with bedside table lamps for plenty of illumination, and choose a small sconce for bedside reading with the amount of light at night.

Shop 6 of my top picks for each option in each style below…….

Candle Linear Wall Light

The minimalist pole-style design of the Candle Linear Wall Light is suitable for any environment. With its wide range of light colors, you can set and change the mood to your liking. The elongated design not only provides a stylized look but also saves space.

Golden Hand Ball Wall Light

This Golden Hand Ball Wall Light is yet another new creation from Moonlight studio, giving an eye catching decorative effect. One hand holds a frosted glass ball. The size and design make this accent light a great accessory for living rooms and hallways, breaking the simple setting of life and depicting the good life.

Crack Wall Light

A cool transitional look that adds a stylish touch to your home. Moonlight’s Crack Wall Light combines a variety of materials to create a look lifted from industrial style with a hint of mid-century. Framed in vintage-inspired stamped brass, this light fixture features a clear ice cracked glass shade to give it form and context. Mounted on a minimal frame, this combination accentuates its silhouette without compromising its minimal feel. It’s a welcoming feeling that doesn’t skimp on chic.

Vega Wall Sconce

The Vega wall light features finely textured ice-like glass for a sophisticated and captivating look. The pattern on the glass is absolutely unique. A matching vanity beautifully completes your space. We offer a gold finish which is sure to elevate any room.

Rumba Wall Lamp

Nice minimalist design that looks very elegant and decorative, elegant and beautiful. Made of high quality materials and light-transmitting acrylic, the RUMBA wall light has fine workmanship and a long service life, helping you save money and time on replacement fixtures.

Venetian Wall Light

The glass rods of the Venetian wall sconces hang from a four-layer tapered metal frame, creating a sparkling style and a sense of luxury. The second and third layers of glass rods gradually decrease in length from right to left, adding a substantial amount of visual appeal, further enhancing the visual depth and beauty of the work. Each triangular glass rod hangs high and hangs from a metal frame to provide a dramatic decorative effect.

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