So, starting with my next “best” post, this time with my pick of the 9 best ceiling lights from my favorite brands and independent stores. Through the research I’ve scoured the internet, I’ve realized how many options there are, from traditional metal shades and exposed bulbs to acrylic LED strips and metal cages. No wonder it’s often difficult to find the right ceiling light for you – there are almost too many options, and it’s likely that there won’t be enough time to sift through the right fixtures.

Therefore, I try to keep all functional design down and considered, no detail is superfluous or unnecessary – each ceiling light is functional and beautiful.

And you’re not limited to ceiling lights alone – if space permits, you can pair ceiling lights with other light fixtures for ample lighting, and choose the amount of light that’s right for your interior space.

Let’s take a look at the ceiling lamps that are both practical and beautiful.

Half Circle Flower Ceiling Lamp

Crystal Flower Ceiling Lamp

Surrounding Mountain Ceiling Lights

Nolan Mirror Ceiling Light

Industrial Line Ceiling Light

Rainbow Planet Ceiling Light

Rubik’s Cube Ceiling Lamp

Fame LED Ceiling Light

Crown Princess Ceiling Lamp

Which is your favorite? ! Come and place an order.
Well, see you next time and hope you have a great weekend!