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Nelson Bubble Lamps covering them in a translucent white plastic spray which results in a soft, organic aesthetic when illuminated.

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Like beads on a string. Perfectly rounded glass balls create a reflective, shining light in any room.

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Timeless classic design

PH 5 lamp

PH 5 light is recognized as a Danish design classic and is notable for its innovative glare-free shape and uniform illumination.

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The latest design in 2021, click to learn more >>>

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Let’s get decorating

The Affordable Alternative to Interior Design. By using what you currently own and by adding just a few decor elements and a plan for the room I can help you completely change your look. 

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Redesign your home

Whether you’re looking to increase the property value of your home ahead of a sale or closing on a house you can’t wait to make your own, chances are there’s a renovation or remodeling project in your future.

Which means you’ll have a lot of things to consider, not least among them how to find a contractor, how to mitigate costs, and, no less important, how to translate your Pinterest ideas into reality.

Mooielight is your best choice to save decoration costs.

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Melt Pendant light


Wicker Pendant lamp


Mila Pendant lamp


Orb Hanging Lamp


Caprani Floor Lamp


Chiswick Glass Wall Light


KUU Pendant Light


Brass Vanity Wall Lamp


Who are we?

Our secret: Mooielight is a lamp manufacturer, not a trading company.
The origin of Mooielight is divided into two words:
Mooie stands for Dutch: beautiful.
Light stands for English, light.
Mooielight combined means beautiful lights.
Mooielight is a manufacturer and our vision is to create beautiful lights.

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Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to share your experience with Mooielight support team.

You can see more reviews and client experiences on trustpilot

Thank you for your email asking about the package. Yes, I did finally receive the lamp and am happy to say that it arrived safely and is very good quality. I had my doubts that it was possible for a package from China to reach the United States during a global pandemic and am impressed that your company was able to successfully ship such a large box across the world under very difficult circumstances. I will definitely recommend Mooielight to other people and am considering another purchase in the near future. Thank you again for your help and consideration. Sincerely,”

Ellen Kinnee

interior designer

I was very impressed with Mooielight. Initially with my beautiful lights and the packaging in which they arrived but most particularly with the responsiveness of the company after I contacted them in relation to a colour variation. To my surprise they responded within minutes to my email. They dealt with the issue professionally and promptly and I am very grateful. I have no hesitation in purchasing from MooieLight again. Thank you.


Art writer

I purchased two wicker Pendant lamp lights and am so happy with them! The quality of the craftmanship and materials used is excellent. I have been looking a long time and was so relieved that they will work for the space I intended them for and I do not have to return them.
I was very impressed that during Covid that I was able to order on July 9th and receive my parcel 11 days later (from China to Canada). I was able to keep track online as well and knew when to expect them.
I have been so pleased with my Mooielight experience. Thank you!”

Andrea W.

Architecture PhD

Exclusive design team

Mooielight has a design team of more than 25 people

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Any questions, we will reply email within 24 hours

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Quality product design, sourcing & development, through partnerships with respected brands and world-class factories.

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