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About US

The origin of Mooielight is divided into two words:

Mooie stands for Dutch: Beautiful.
Light stands for English: Light.

  • Mooielight combined means beautiful lights.
  • Mooielight is a manufacturer and our vision is to create beautiful lights.
  • We’re passionate about helping others and we value each and every customer.
  • We’ll answer all the questions you have. Feel free to get in touch!
  • We do also handle large quantity orders, if you need something in bulk or something you’d like to us to help source feel free to enquire within.

Mooielight is an online concept lighting store established in 2008.
Mooielight is a curation of lighting styles that inspire us.
We are committed to producing and selling affordable lamps.
We’re a small team, and we run a little workshop based in China.
Our China factory address: No. 7 3rd Floor Guzhen, Zhongshan City, China

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