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Bubble Pendant lamp

The lightweight steel wireframe of the Bubble Pendant ensures its shape is kept even when under tension, and in this particular piece a network of interconnected steel wires produces a delightful geometric crisscross pattern.


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2097 Chandelier

Every detail of this state-of-the-art ceiling light is exceptional, from the mirror-polish finish of its main steel structure to the way each bulb is fitted with its own horizontal arm and the graceful wiring meanders down the stem.


Timeless classic design

Crystal Pendant Lamp

Popular residential and commercial applications include kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms and closets, hallways, patios, staircase illumination, foyers and lobbies, and other large indoor and outdoor configurations in private and public spaces. 




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Merry Christmas

Dining room-popular design dining room idea in Vancouver with Christmas-Mooielight
its innovative glare-free shape and Click to learn more

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They were extremely prompt in responding to emails. They had great service when asking questions and providing links to make buying the proper light bulbs for my fixture. I will definitely order from them again..

Wicker Pendant lamp -mooielight

Andrea W.

Architecture PhD

The package arrived on time. The very accurate packaging. The chandelier is of excellent workmanship. Exactly matching measurements. As soon as it is hung it is truly fantastic the transparencies play with the light it is on is a charm. The is a beautiful contrast that defines the glass excellent price !!!


AEllen Kinnee

interior designer

Everything’s fine. Heavy. Not yet. Already I dream how beautiful it will look over the table) I did not track. Wrote to the seller, sent a link on which I saw the promotion. Thanks for the responsive!!!

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