How to use discount code?

Please continue to read on how to redeem and use.

How to get a discount code, it is very simple to get a discount code,

Step 1. Open our website and click (Get 8%off!), of course, you can also click on the icon in the lower right corner to contact us. We can answer any questions for you online (as shown below) 

Step 2. You click (Get 8%off!), a window will pop up, you only need to enter your email address, and you will get a discount code. (As shown below)
Please note that each discount code can only be used once, (all products can be used)

Step 3. Please note that the discount code window you obtained may cause the pop-up window to disappear due to operating errors. Please place the mouse in the discount code box so that it is no problem. You can copy and paste it. If there is a problem that I described, please contact us and we will give you a new discount code (as shown below)

Please note: due to time difference we cannot reply to your message in time

The above is how to get the discount code,

How to use discount code?

Step 1. You need an order. Whether you add it to the shopping cart or buy it immediately, the steps are the same. I will take (Lampa stołowa punk) as an example, I am buying directly. (As shown below)

Step 2. After clicking (Buy Now), the website will jump to fill in the shipping information and the coupon code interface (as shown in the figure below)
It’s necessary to fill in the shipping information. You need to fill in your address, email address, phone number, and other information, and fill in the coupon code you got


Step 3. Fill in and click (Apply). This discount code will take effect for your order (as shown in the figure below). It is worth noting that this discount code can still be used if you have not completed the order.

You can start the checkout process by selecting the Continue checkout button.

You can contact us if you encounter any problems on our website. We believe that communication can solve any problem,