Product size: Dia 170cm/67 inch
Product color: Black
Weight: 1 kg
Material: Polyurethane / Fiberglass
This is a customer from Farciennes, hainaut, Belgium. The customer purchased 2 pieces Dia 170cm Vertigo Pendant lamp

Screenshot of the customer order page, we are just the porter of the truth.

Tracking number: EA916042949CN
Tracking number query URL:
Note: If you are a customer from Belgium, in order to get you the lights faster, you are obliged to assist in customs clearance.

Shipping Time: 2019-04-29 01:02:36
Payment Date: 2019-04-28 14:02:27
Order Date: 2019-04-28 14:01:07
Customs clearance process: 2019-05-17 11:07:00
We sent a commercial invoice to the customer’s mailbox, the customer provided a commercial invoice to the customs, and successfully completed the customs clearance.
The picture above is the communication chat record!

Commentaires: VOICI Une photo, je vous mettrai enchainee nous Aurons Quand Complètement emménagé.
Merci beaucoup et versez le le Suivi professionnalisme!

Grâce à la confiance et au soutien de nos clients, nous attendons avec impatience votre affaire de photo et de décoration

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