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Mooielight is a China-based global online Home Improvement and Décor retailer. 
If you need wholesale orders or designer discount prices, please contact us and we will send you a product catalog.
Our company has a professional lighting design and manufacturing team
If you need to consult wholesale or more details about cooperation
Your company can enter our Alibaba wholesale website
We have more than 5000 pieces inventory warehouse, our manufacturing team has 30 professional manufacturing workers.
Mooielight has successfully worked with numerous architects, interior designers and shop fitters all around the world, notably in the U.S of America, AustraliaFrance, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Peru, Malaysia and the U.K. We have supplied and catered lights to all types of restaurants, trendy cafes, hotels, bars, and retail shops. 
We have safety certifications in many countries around the world, including (not limited to): CE/VDE/SAA/RoHS/UL/KC/PSE/SASO/CCC certification

We support online retail and offline wholesale orders. If you order more than 10 pieces, please contact us and we will provide a very reasonable wholesale price.
We have great experience in shipping internationally via express methods such as DHL, FedEx or EMS and we can also ship in containers for more cost effective solution.
So if you are looking for great lighting products whether that’d be minimalist style, nordic style, postmodern style, or designer lights to compliment your business space, speak to our sales team now for our best offer based on volume.
We got to know through various channels that people around the world have to burden high cost for their home stuff. There is no doubt it is more costly when pursuing high quality and high-end products. In China, there are many excellent and leading manufacturers in home improvement and décor industry, but they normally choose to cooperate with those big companies and top brands to find a way in the international arena. So when you pay for a product, you are paying for a lot additional cost other than the value of the product itself. Why do you have to spend your hard-earned money on something you shouldn’t pay for? Inspiring by the situation, we travelled around China to pick and choose reliable, trusted and excellent manufactures among numerous manufactures. We strictly tested and compared the products to insure highest standards. We cut all unnecessary links to keep the price as low as possible. With the good wishes of connecting the OEM manufacturers with customers and introduce these excellent products worldwide, Mooielight was born in 2008.
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