Recently I’ve been contemplating an upgrade in my home ceiling lights. Right now we have the standard fixtures that came with the house. Lighting, in my opinion, is one of the most over looked aspects of a room’s design. Not just the lack of lighting, but the lack of a fun variety and style of lighting. I don’t want to fall into this trap myself and have started to do some searching. Read on to discover some of my favorite finds to so far!

The Three-Arm Ceiling Lamp (1958) is a hanging interpretation of his original Three-Arm Floor Lamp and maintains the original’s kinetic, sculptural aesthetic.

All of his lighting solutions feature hallmark signatures as a designer: the way the arms are joined to the diffusers, the washer and six-sided screw hardware, the form of the reflectors, and the refined lines of the steel tubing.
Three arms rotate in various directions.

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Lunaire is a Ceiling Light with a surprising light effect, reminiscent of the phenomenon produced by eclipses. A smaller front disc containing the light source is set inside a large concave aluminium diffuser. Different effects and moods are possible depending on how the small disc is positioned with respect to the diffuser. It offers either an intense direct light, or an indirect and soft one that spreads on the wall.

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French pastoral ceiling lamps bring a decorative outdoor vibe to a variety of interior spaces. This piece incorporates pleats around the lamp to give it a fresh and natural look, from farmhouse to modern. Handcrafted pleated fabric surrounds a white acrylic diffuser. While we recommend this fixture for a dining room or bar, foyer or hall or living room, we believe it will excel anywhere.

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Inject Art Deco glamour into your interior with the Gold finished Murano Chandelier. This high-class luxury chandelier with a twist features a series of sculptural glass drops which let reflected light sparkle from the internal light fittings. Perfect for adding vintage style to your home.

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Lamps and lanterns should not only be used as the object of interior decoration but also be a comfortable element for the residents of the house. In addition, the geometric LED wood ceiling lamp is an efficient, economical and decorative light source.

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Which is your favorite? ! You are welcome to leave a message.
Well, see you next time, hope you have a great weekend!